Apartment Decor

After securing a fabulous apartment in Midtown, the next exciting step involves decorating it! My goal is find the basics and go for a minimalist look, then decorate with smaller items to accent each room.

1. This website is dedicated to IKEA purchased items that are reinvented into stylish, one-of-a-kind items. Perfect for a fashionable girl with a budget! 2. Flowers are the perfect way to add color to any apartment. 3. Spray Paint an intricate trash can and turn it upside down to create a stylish & affordable bedside table. 4. Although this Regina Andrew lamp is a little expensive, it’s the perfect investment piece to add a little more personality into a room. It’s basic enough so that it can be re-used to decorate any room. 5. These DIY pillows can add character to any room and some sparkle to your day! 6. Why not add some sparkle to a vase? It’s girly, feminine, and one of a kind.

*All photos courtesy of my Pinterest

One thought on “Apartment Decor

  1. April says:

    I love all the white. It is so bright and neat looking. I would love to have that look, but with two teenage boys I don’t think it would stay white long!

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