5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out MTV’s House of Style

MTV strategically came back with House of Style (a remake of its 80’s/90’s original) by featuring two of the top models in the fashion industry as hosts: Karlie Kloss (@KarlieKloss) & Joan Smalls (@JoanSmalls). Not only are these two a fun, dynamic duo to watch, but each episode gives a lot of insight into different parts of the fashion industry.

I learned about this series a while ago, but just recently had time to finally watch it. After watching the intro episode of Kloss & Smalls covering Paris Fashion Week (with interviews and backstage footage at Stella McCartney & John Paul Gaultier) I immediately became hooked.

If you’re still on the fence about allotting your time to follow the series, here are 5 reasons to check out House of Style.

1. Gain insight about the fashion industry with backstage access and exclusive interviews.

For example: the first episode covers Paris Fashion Week from a model and reporter’s perspective. For anybody wanting to work in the fashion industry, this is valuable videography!

2. Learn about different areas of the fashion industry, like costuming or photography.

In one episode, they feature the how-to process of creating a new image with motion – used for their own House of Style Ad Campaign. The image combines movement with still life to create a new kind of photography set. It’s cool to learn how this new process is technically done, as well as see what goes on behind the lens during fashion shoots.

3. Get some retail therapy.

The girls go shopping in the world-renowned Colette Paris Store… and you can pretend you’re shopping with them.

4. Match Personalities to Faces & Names.

You can only read Vogue & Women’s Wear Daily so much to learn who’s who in the fashion industry. House of Style allows you to watch current fashion elites like Alexander Wang, Anna Dello Russo and Cara Delevingne and see them in a more casual, friendly spotlight, as opposed to just a posed photo or printed feature.

5. It’s always nice to be reassured that models are more than just pretty faces.

Aside from being international top models, Kloss & Smalls are both genuinely goofy, personable and entertaining ladies. Watching them interact with other fashion-elites is also quite entertaining. To see their charming personalities, watch this video of the girls describing their reaction to being offered the hosting gig for House of Style.

So, have I convinced you? I would love to hear what you think about this new MTV web-series: House of Style!

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