Hair & Makeup Inspiration

Leaving the colorful fall (and the last hint of your remaining summer glow) to enter into the winter season can seem melancholy, sad and bland. I mean, at first grey skies and colder weather can be fun, but after a week of rain and wind, winter can sometimes feel, well, dull. (And the release of the Starbucks Holiday Cups can only provide entertaining excitement for so long.

I felt it was necessary to avoid the dreary winter assessment before it happened by finding inspiring new hair & make up ideas to carry you through the upcoming season! So, here’s my official goodbye to beach waves, and hello to polished winter chic!


Last winter the “Fashion Bun” was very much in trend, last past summer led us to stylish braids. My theory is to keep both of these simple hair style options for winter and try different variations of the two combined!


I truly believe that a fun-colored lipstick is the perfect way to accentuate (or mask) a lighter skin tone during winter, and during the holiday season, why not sport the color red? If you find it hard to incorporate or match into your wardrobe,  just purchase a coffee drink from Starbucks with their holiday cup and you’re good to go!


My theory is the thicker the eyeliner, the better. Now, I don’t believe in caking your skin with foundation or desperately adding pounds of bronzer for a last minute self-tanner effect each morning, but, I do believe that the best way to add life to your face is through your eyes. Accentuate your eyelashes for a mesmerizing affect. For some holiday spirit, get creative and add some sparkly gold, or fun eyeliner color.


Embrace the trend of dark nail hues. Bordeaux, navy, deep bronze and shimmery grey.

… and last but not least, if all else fails – just remember:

Happy Holiday Season! XX

(photos from my Pinterest Boards)

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