Holiday Gift Guide For Your Little Ones

It’s that time of year… Can you believe it? Time to start spending your weekends and spare time trying to find the ideal holiday gifts for your favorite munchkins in your life. I’ve gathered the cutest list of adorable presents that your favorite children/toddlers/babies are sure to love.

1. SHOES: What child doesn’t need a new pair of shoes? These shoes are the perfect gift to add to your tiny loved-one’s daily wardrobe.

Anniele Scarpine da Balleto Italiane, J.Crew Kids’ Shearling MacAlister Boots, Janie and Jack Leather Boat Shoe, Ralph Lauren Allie Calf Hair Ballet Flat.

2. Anything from Stella McCartney Kids‘ Bunny Line.

 From Rompers to Mittens, Booties to  All-In-Ones  or Sweaters to Blankets, this collection cannot get any cuter.


Every day the child gets to open a new book for his or her parents to read to them. Such a fun and educational way to count down the days of December! Sarah Jane’s Blog suggests books and how to create this gift for your tiny loved one.

4. Fun-Shaped Crayons

Simply by melting crayons and placing them into play-do sculptors, you can create fun shaped crayons. For those less crafty (like me), Etsy also has many themed crayons to order. (Photo courtesy of LiddleandBoo)

*cover photo courtesy of DancetoConnect

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