Fun & Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hair Styles

I just recently began parting my hair down the middle of my head, and with this change came many new varieties to my favorite classic hair styles. After many years of having a side part, this was a huge change, and yet also an easy transition to my daily hair regime.

I found that braiding my hair and connecting the two braids in the back was the easiest way to work with a center part for the first time. I also tend to sweep all of my hair to the left (a natural habit), so with all of my hair set in place, it kept the part defined, but more importantly my hair couldn’t move back to its normal state. For a more natural look, I recommend simply curling your hair, twisting two front pieces and then connecting them together in the back.

Going off of my first center-part-hairstyle-revelation, I love adding a low bun to help deal with New York’s humidity and heat. If I’m looking for a more classic and polished look, a simple part and low bun is my go to look.

What are some of your favorite summer hairstyles?

*All photo sources can be found via my Pinterest Page.

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