New beginnings


Do you remember a year ago when I had the resolution of writing more? It felt so simple, so easily possible to accomplish – and yet here we are, another year passed and my blog has still been neglected.

It’s funny, how so many people make resolutions and it’s even more interesting how so many are broken. Why is it difficult to keep a promise for 12 months? Why is it so hard to hold ourselves accountable for our goals during an extended period of time?

Exhibit A. Sitting here. Raising her hand. Guilty.

And yet, another year – and here I am. Cycle continues.

Now, I’m being a little tough on myself (…why are you always you’re worst critic?) because technically, I did write more. In fact, I wrote a young adult romance/fantasy book and I’m hoping (and working hard) to get the first trilogy book published for you all to enjoy. (More later.)

This year, because I’m cliché and choose to have a positive outlook on life, I am going to try to make and complete a new year’s resolution. The difference this year is that my resolutions are going to be vague.

Choose your time wisely. Take care of yourself.

Of course, these fall over all the many projects I try to conquer at once and more – but it still feels more like a goal and something I can work on, improve upon. For example, today (now 6pm) I wanted to spend my day creating. I even posted on IG declaring my weekend to the arts (I’m trying to also state my purpose to be held more accountable), and here I am at 6pm just getting started to the task.

And friends, it’s not like I just slept in until 3pm or whatnot. I got shit done. But the point is, somehow it’s 6pm and I haven’t conquered any of my creative goals. (Writing on my blog was my first one.) To be fair, I started the Whole30 this past week (also declared on IG), so a lot of it is due to the fact I had to tackle WholeFoods and figure out what on earth to meal prep and eat this week… but still, from taking my two dogs to the park, working out, getting potatoes for my breakfast, making said breakfast, showering, cleaning, setting up my new iPhoneX, grocery shopping, taking dogs round 2 (they’re Mini Australian Shepherd puppies, so they have a lot of energy – and that’s an understatement – but they’re cute and sweet so we keep them), it’s now 6pm and all I can think is – where did that time go!?


This photo was taken from my husband and my trip to Italy/Greece this summer – and finding this image on my phone, seeing its regality and beauty, inspired me to create this weekend. It reminded me how much I love creating art – whether through words, pictures or drawings – hence this blog post coming to life. The downside is that, similar to the hand-carved statues you see above, it takes so much damn time.

So, back to my new year’s resolutions – and ultimately yours (it’s not too late). Ask yourself: What do I want to accomplish? And list it all out – from the grandeur to the small. Then, categorize and become vague – that way, even if you get a little off track sometimes, your overarching ideas may even absorb new tasks that you conquer during the year (go you!), yet receive no credit because it wasn’t originally “in your new year’s resolutions.” Because, let’s face it – life changes, the world spins – and really, through the year – all you do is adapt, react and try to your best – and in my humble opinion? That’s good enough.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

Choose your time wisely.

Take care of yourself.

Tasks I’m specifically trying to accomplish (that build up to the above, will probably change next week/month)

  1. Whole30 (January 3 – Feb. 1)
  2. Work out 3-4x (minimum) a week
  3. Eat cleaner (aka less chocolate, bread/dairy)
  4. Get Young Power published
  5. Write sequel to Young Power
  6. Paint art for house (also trying to tackle this weekend)
  7. Read more
  8. Write More
  9. Stop worrying about the unimportant things
  10. Laugh more
  11. Be OK with saying no (and saying it more often)
  12. Learn the guitar (and everything else I can)
  13. Complete family tree PPT

And now that I’m no longer hangry (took minor break for dinner – now 7:30pm and still haven’t posted!), I have to also compliment myself and remember, sometimes the small things DO matter.

As I was walking into work on Thursday – a creative thought ran through my mind and I immediately wrote it down on my iPhone notes (aka electronic diary) – so I’ll leave you with that:

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.23.06 PM

Happy January, everyone.






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