American Rag Internship

My Internship with Mr.YOUTH as a Univerisity of Oregon Brand Ambassador for American Rag was my first real-experience with marketing and public relations. I worked with Brett Goldstein to hold numerous promotional events at the University of Oregon Campus for American Rag and its sister company Jenni. Below is a recollection of my experience with my Fall Term 2009 internship.


Brett and I booked the band Amitie from Southern Oregon to play a concert at our event. We also had ten University of Oregon Student dress up in American Rag clothes for attendants to text-in-vote for their favorite “model.” We promoted the American Rag Facebook page as well as other events we were hosting at the University of Oregon.


American Rag supplied Brett and me with t-shirts to promote the brand and distribute on campus; however, we decided it would be an even better marketing and promotional opportunity if we paired up with an event on campus and did a “clothing drive.” Any University of Oregon student could donate a shirt to our drive in exchange for a brand new American Rag shirt. We donated all of the clothes that we received (over 500 clothing items!) were donated to the local Eugene shelter.


American Rag also had a sister clothing line that includes pajamas, undergarments and sleeping-related items. Brett and I chose to host a “Jenni Sleepover Party” with our two sororities. We provided sparkling cider and “Jenni” cookies for all of our attendants, as well as supplies for our “Create Your Best Jenni Look” contest. Everyone paired up in two and created their best representation of Jenni. After our “Jenni Fashion Show,” our contestants received prizes for “Best Jenni Look,” “Most Creative,” and “What Were You Thinking?” Overall, it was a huge success and one of my favorite promotional events I have planned.


As well as planning events to promote American Rag + Jenni, Brett and I also walked around campus and handed out Ragged, American Rag’s magazine as well as Jenni “Study Break” kits around midterms and finals.

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