I am so appreciative of my past experiences because of not only what I have learned while working or interning at each company, but of the people I have been able to meet along the way. Below are references from my fabulous and intelligent bosses. Manisha Marberry works for Mr. YOUTH and was my supervisor during my three term-length internships with the marketing firm. Ashley Jude was the owner of the boutique I worked at, and chose to close the store to pursue her new online styling company Tog + Porter. In 2012, her company became my public relations client (for my final PR class at the University of Oregon). Thaddeus Moore owns the Local Bakery, The Divine Cupcake, who I worked for as the Divine Cupcake’s Public Relations and Marketing Intern during my last two terms of school.

Recommendation – Manisha Marberry (American Rag)

Recommendation – Manisha Marberry (Xbox360)

Recommendation – Ashley Jude

Recommendation – Thaddeus Moore

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