Jason Wu Fall 2012

The epitome of cool, Jason Wu's collection immediately caught my attention with the beginning of the show. Eastern drums began pounding, big red doors slowly opened as fog erupted onto the runway. Tribal music began playing, as refined, edgy, bad-ass outfits stomped their way down the runway. Inspired by East Asian Civilizations, the consistent motif … Continue reading Jason Wu Fall 2012

Golden Globes Favorites

1. Michelle Williams in Jason Wu- Photos do not do the dress justice. It looked so delicate & light on Williams. I applaud the actress for sticking to her own fashionable style, instead of dressing up like the character role that the actress is nominated for playing, (in this case, Marilyn Monroe), like many actresses … Continue reading Golden Globes Favorites

A New Twist to the Podcast

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=se7b7TABzdE I'll be completely honest. Besides seeing Peyton Sawyer's podcast on the hit television series, One Tree Hill, I have never been involved with podcasting. So, after I stumbled on a fashion-related podcast site, MODTV, I was extremely impressed! The site creates podcasts about runway shows, including Jason Wu (above video), Marc Jacobs, Dolce & … Continue reading A New Twist to the Podcast