Style Stalker: Brooklyn Decker + Miranda Kerr

I've always been a fan of Brooklyn Decker + Miranda Kerr, but with the instant rise of Decker's acting career along with the birth of Miranda's unrealistically adorable son, Flynn, I've been increasingly seeing stylish photos of these two models. Luckily for me, these ladies have been rocking the red carpet and dressing perfectly in … Continue reading Style Stalker: Brooklyn Decker + Miranda Kerr

Style Advice: Summer Jewelery

I always forget to take some time and utilize my jewelry collection before running out of the door. I tend to stick to the same rings, earrings and bracelets whenever I get dressed for the day. It's even got to the point where I rarely purachase jewelry while out shopping, with the mentality of "I … Continue reading Style Advice: Summer Jewelery