Unsuccessfully Hygge

Have you reached that age when there always seems to be something to do? Or, have you successfully trained yourself to always strive for more, do more, be more? Do you find yourself so busy that you've actually started putting "relax" on your to-do list? Okay, now I'm exaggerating. I'm not at that point... yet. (Maybe … Continue reading Unsuccessfully Hygge


Rainy, Snowy, Love

Yesterday, I experienced my first snowy day in New York City, which inadvertently forced me to come to the realization that I have absolutely nothing to wear in my closet to survive the upcoming winter. Growing up in California, the biggest weather change I've ever experienced was when I moved to Oregon, aka "The Rainy … Continue reading Rainy, Snowy, Love

Update Your Winter Wardrobe with Pastels

Neon-colored items perfectly complimented any summer or fall wardrobe and accentuated everybody's sun-kissed glow. With the sun long-gone (or at least, for everyone besides California), it seems silly to pair a favorite hot pink tank top, or neon yellow jacket with some pale skin (or at least, for everyone besides those fake-in-bakers).  (oh, and p.s. … Continue reading Update Your Winter Wardrobe with Pastels