The Young Power Series

Enter the mesmerizing world of modern-day mythology by reading The Young Power Series. This compelling, must-read story marries fantasy with contemporary characters and connects history, art and adventure for a must-read romantic novel. If you’re a fan of romance, action, caffeine and sarcasm – this series is for you!

Young Power Ebook Cover

Young Power Synopsis:

How would you react if the person you loved simply vanished?

No trace, no explanation. Just gone.

Liv understood why she had become isolated at her new university-why she had no friends and why she had an unresolved anger pent up inside her, just waiting to explode. What she didn’t understand was why her boyfriend and best friend of seven years, Hayden, vanished without leaving any trace or explanation to warrant his disappearance from her life.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Liv starts having visions of Hayden, while being followed on campus and almost murdered, before she is brought to a new school: Puerdios University, School of the Gods.

Liv is propelled into Hayden’s world, where mythologies of the past become reality and she is catapulted into a war between the Pure and Dark Gods. As Liv tries to combat her place in this regal, powerful society, she learns more about herself and her own history than she could have ever imagined.

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Elemental Power EBook Cover

Elemental Power Synopsis:

Olivia Monaco has established her place among powerful deities. She is a Pure God destined to be Elite of the Elements Pillar, accumulated a group of incredible friends, and stands alongside a royal boyfriend set to become King.

And yet, with all the possibilities her new immortal life holds, Liv feels like she’s losing control now more than ever, and starts questioning whether she had any control to begin with at all…

There’s one thing Liv truly understands-if she is to establish her footprint in this regal, powerful society, she needs to choose a side between Pure and Dark, and quickly.

But, a voice in her head challenges another path-questioning if being told what to believe is the right choice for her people and survival. Should she trust what’s been told to her? Or does she need to seek her own conclusions?

It seems that the more she discovers, the louder the voice gets…

And Liv must choose the right path before it’s too late.

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